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If You're Not Working Towards Your Dreams, You're Helping Someone Else Achieve Theirs

My goal is to help you improve your life and achieve your dreams by better understanding psychology, entrepreneurship, and health.


My First Amazon Affiliate Site- It's Still Making Me Money!


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How I Went From $50 to $600 Per Month While Going to School Full Time


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How Do I Make My Money and How Much Do I Make?


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Health Experiments

I Slept <5 Hours Per Night- My First Polyphasic Sleep Attempt


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Is It Possible To Improve Your Reaction Time for Gaming?- Find Out Here!

Reaction Time Improvement

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About Ilya

IlyaSquareI made over $50,000 online before turning 20, and I’m constantly focused on learning and improving in all aspects of my life which is why I created this site. My goal is to help others maximize their potential in life, all while documenting my journeys and experiments. More…