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My goal is to help you improve your life and achieve your dreams by better understanding psychology, entrepreneurship, and health.


My First Amazon Affiliate Site- It's Still Making Me Money!


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How I Went From $50 to $600 Per Month While Going to School Full Time


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How Do I Make My Money and How Much Do I Make?


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I Slept <5 Hours Per Night- My First Polyphasic Sleep Attempt


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Is It Possible To Improve Your Reaction Time for Gaming?- Find Out Here!

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July 2015 Income Report And Plans

July was a good month for me. I found 3 new ways to make money online, started my new Amazon Affiliate project, and got a couple of new money-making ideas. Plans For August August is going to be an incredibly busy month for me because the Cross Country season...

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1 Year Income Report And Plans

I bought the OnlineMoneyz domain on July 27th exactly 1 year ago and I think it's time to look back at what my goals and ideas were for the site back then and what my goals are now. You can scroll past the My Plans section if you're only interested in the income...

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June 2015 Income Report And Plans

June was a big month for me both numbers wise and ideas wise. I broke $200 and almost got to $300, my Amazon Affiliate sales are improving, and the best part is that I spent less time on this than I did last month! I also started working on 2 projects that have huge...

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May 2015 Income Report And Plans

This month was another busy month for me, but I managed to narrowly beat my last month's profits. I bought 2 more $10 phones to add to my Perk farm (bringing the total number to 5) and this should increase my monthly income by around $20-$30. This month was also a...

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My First Amazon Affiliate Site Attempt 2015

Amazon Affiliate sites are famous for being easy to create and maintain. However, can they still be profitable in 2015? I decided to answer that question myself. I will show you all of my: Keywords Articles And everything else. I'd appreciate it if you didn't use my...

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April 2015 Income Report And Plans

Another month passed by which means another income report! This month I was incredibly busy and I didn't have nearly enough time to spend on my money-making "businesses", but I've been slowly improving my website and I have a load of ideas for new posts and videos....

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March 2015 Income Report And Plans

March has been a pretty slow month for me. I barely worked on my websites or videos, but I spent around 3 hours on UserTesting which is where my main online earnings come from at this point. In these reports I'm going to include all of the money I make online through...

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The Most Comprehensive Guide To YouTube SEO

Whether you're just starting out on YouTube, or you're a hardened YouTube veteran, you can always learn something new about YouTube SEO. This is the most comprehensive guide about it on the web. (Excluding the YouTube PlayBook and Creator Studio which a lot of people...

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IlyaSquareI made over $50,000 online before turning 20, and I’m constantly focused on learning and improving in all aspects of my life which is why I created this site. My goal is to help others maximize their potential in life, all while documenting my journeys and experiments. More…