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May-Income-Report-RoundupCan you really make money online even if you’re not in the “make money online by making money online” niche? (Sheesh, what a mouthful!)

I love income reports so I decided to read through the reports of bloggers from various niches and condense them all in this post for your reading pleasure.

My goal with this post is to show you that it’s really possible to make money online through blogging and hopefully inspire you to start your own blog.

This list shows the evolution of blogs from less than $100 per month to more than $100,000 per month.

Let’s get right into it!

#1. – $104,170.48 (-17,396.52)

MakingSenseofCents-MichelleMichelle’s income decreased a bit in May, but it wasn’t anything terrible major.

Most of her time was spent on future plans for Making Sense of Cents and had a coaching call with Ruth Soukup from Livingwellspendingless to learn about her 25 employee business.

She learned a lot from the call, and it made her think a lot about her business and how she runs it.

Next month she plans on do more live interviews, create another product to sell, and continue learning and improving.

#2. – $84,350 (-13,514)

Justin’s income decreased a bit from last month, but he’s not worried.

Even though his income is smaller, he was able to increase his earnings from his personal sites making him less dependent on advertising services that he provides to other people.

He plans on acquiring more websites, increasing his customer base, and start a full-fledged digital marketing agency.

#3. – $51,574.21 (-1,956.68)

AuthorityWebsiteIncome-JonHaverJon was worried that May would be a tough month because of its rough start, but a strong end of the month compensated for the rough start.

While his affiliate website strategy is yielding lower earnings per visitor than normal, but the higher than expected earnings from ContentRefined made up for it.

His new strategy for growing traffic is doing wonders, but his team is struggling with converting those visitors into money.

Next month he plans on getting more customers for ContentRefined that’s not related to his blog and addressing the earnings per visitors issues for his affiliate sites.

#4. – $23,519.26 (+2,311.68)

MatthewWoodwardEven though he spent most of his time focusing on diet and training for the Ironman, his income still increased.

His traffic increased due to his promotion of his new video series, and he published a total of 4 posts on his site with 3 of them being case studies that promote his video series.

Next month he plans on continuing training hard up until the Ironman and then taking 2 weeks off to rest and recuperate after the race.

#5. – $5,441.22 (-558.82)

OneHourProfessor-RonOnce again, Ron was busy with real life stuff, but that didn’t prevent him from making a very nice income.

On the offline front he completed his move to Brazil and plans on getting a new, bigger apartment with his wife.

On the online front, he got more links to his websites, published a bunch of videos on his YouTube channel, and restructured some of his pages to get rid of the penalty that he was hit with earlier.

Next month he plans on recording 3 YouTube videos per week, adding another affiliate program to his money sites, and completely revising the databases for some of his money sites all while potentially moving into a new apartment. That’s a ton of stuff to do!

#6. – $2,410.10 (+1,281.33)

ArtsAndClassy-MeredithEven though Meredith’s page views dropped a bit, her income went up.

She flipped a bunch of furniture, got approached by one site to be a part of their Pinterest syndication program, and had an overall great month.

Next month she plans on updating the look of her site with the hopes of getting more traffic and getting back to the 200,000 page views per month she used to have.

#7. – $2,165.15(+883.03)

ItsVickyAfter a dropoff in income for the past couple months, she nearly doubled her income in May.

Most of her earnings come from the independent affiliate program she partnered up with last month. This goes to show- Amazon might not be your best option!

The site is behind her projected earnings of $100,000 for the year, but it’s still growing and she has plenty of time to catch up and knock it out of the park by the end of the year.

#8. – $1,415.03 (+187.07)

LivingOffCloud-NadyaMay was great for Nadya both on the personal and the business fronts.

She finally paid off one of her sites which means it’s pure profit from here on!

She also got 2 do-follow links from guest-posting and hopes to see income growth from that.

Next month she will move once again, doing guest posts, and keeping a close eye on a different website that has new competition.

#9. – $1,163.25 (-56.47)

MyPathToPassiveIncome-EstebanEssi had a pretty interesting May.

His partner and he decided to sell their site because they were putting in an unequal amount of work and the earnings were steadily declining.

Essi’s been working hard on posting new articles on the site, but even with those efforts the earnings aren’t where he hoped they would be.

He accomplished most of his goals for the month, and next month he plans on creating a new side project, reading at least 1 book, and making $1,000 with the new project.

#11. – $542.37 (-524.27)

I had incredibly high expenses in May because I’m still trying to bring one of my sites from the edge of death by Fred.

I figured out why I’m not making much with Amazon affiliate, why I should move on to a different business, and what I’m going to work on.

Even though this month was very low-profit, next month will be my highest by far. 🙂

#13. – $80.48 (+12.15)

Adam-AndrewThe guys saw a lot of success in May.

They’re getting more traffic due to an increase in backlinks, one of their posts was a HUGE hit, and their stock photography also made some money.

Next month they plan on writing a review for an app in exchange for a backlink and completing their previous month’s goals.


In total all of these bloggers made $276,831.55 in April!

The top 3 sites skew the numbers a little bit, but all in all that’s still a ton of money!

We lost 3 bloggers this month once again, but that’s okay.

Next month I have something different planned for next month, so stay tuned to see what it is. 🙂