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March-Income-Report-RoundupCan you really make money online even if you’re not in the “make money online by making money online” niche? (Sheesh, what a mouthful!)

I love income reports so I decided to read through the reports of bloggers from various niches and condense them all in this post for your reading pleasure.

My goal with this post is to show you that it’s really possible to make money online through blogging and hopefully inspire you to start your own blog.

This list shows the evolution of blogs from less than $100 per month to more than $100,000 per month.

Let’s get right into it!

#1. – $118,879 (-27, 619.77)

MakingSenseofCents-MichelleMichelle saw an income drop in March, but after her best month ever that was to be expected.

She took part in a webinar which helped her grow her email list, spent more time on Facebook with the goals of increasing her number of followers, and decided that she will keep her income reports because they’re so loved by all of her visitors.

She also started a community group for her website, started a new interview series on her blog (the first one is fascinating!), and created a free Master Your Money email course.

Next month she plans on getting at least 3 months ahead on posts for her blog, doing more live interviews, and creating another product to sell.

#2. – $60,065.61 (+7,910.61)


March was full of new things for John with a new baby, a new income record, 2 new hires, and a big new project.

Phew, typing that was tiring, I can’t imagine working on all of that at the same time!

ContentRefined has been growing 10% week over week, the BrandBuilders site sold out within hours, and his FBA businesses started seeing some success.

Next month he plans on getting better at managing his team, creating more valuable content for his site, and focusing on his largest opportunities and ignoring the smaller ones.

#3. – $53,910 (+29,592)

Justin more than doubled his income since last month, which is crazy considering that he also has a real job!

This was his best month ever revenue wise, and he expects April to break yet another record.

He purchased 2 new sites this month with strong social media accounts and decent traffic. Even though he’s behind his goal from last year, he’s not sure if he wants to get to 100 sites because of the necessary time commitment.

#4. – $39,027.99 (+19,393.52)

JohnnyFDJohnny’s income increased in March even though he spent most of his time chilling on the beach and surfing. (Stereotypical digital nomad, right? 😉

He got a sponsor for both of his podcasts, got his share of drop shipping profits, and had fun in Bali.

He knows he could create more businesses and sell them for a 27x valuation, but he wants to take at least 1-2 yearsto take time off and enjoy life without work.

He will keep publishing smaller income reports, updating his blog, and creating podcasts, but he’s only doing that because he enjoys it.

#5. – $21,992.83 (+801.31)

MatthewWoodwardMarch was busy for Matt even though it might not be visible right away.

He finally completed the migration to Drip and streamlined the email acquisition process.

He’s loving it so far and set up a couple very fascinating campaigns that made me consider moving to Drip for my email list.

He’s only published 4 posts this month as the Drip migration took a while, but he’s planning on coming back strong next month.

He also plans on publishing an update to his SEO course and re-launching it in a couple of months.

#6. – $9,388.82 (+5726.85)

OneHourProfessor-RonMarch was pretty good to Ron as one of his websites went viral without him doing anything.

His website received more than 40,000 visitors in a day, and ended up making over 11K in revenue which is his best month by far!

However, his other site got hit by Fred even though he uses a pure white-hat strategy for all of his sites.

Next month he plans on moving to Brazil, adding a info database to one of his sites, and getting 30 backlinks to another site.

#7. – $6,315.01 (-340)

ThePracticalSaver-AllanAlan only put in 15 hours of work this month, but he was still able to maintain his earnings.

He created a free “How to Blog” eCourse, added 32 contributors to his Pinterest boards, and was busy with real life things which is why he only put in 15 hours of work on the blog.

Next month he hopes to get to 10,000 views per day and double his income from January.

#8. – $4,415 (+632)

EasyBabyLifeMarch was incredibly busy for Paula.

She redesigned her logo and website, focused more on her email list, and received more than 600,000 visitors to her site- the most she’s ever gotten!

Next month she plans on continuing going through the Elite Blogging course, improving her website, and figuring out how to better monetize her blog.

#9. – $1903.49 (-451.83)

ArtsAndClassy-MeredithAfter making some changes to her page layouts and removing a sharing plugin Meredith was able too boost her income from ads by $300!

She read some studies that said posting longer and higher quality content less often would improve her traffic, but she is back to posting 3 times per week as that’s what she’s used to.

Her income from Bluehost was a 0 for the first time in a year, but she plans on improving her content and inspiring more people to start their own blogs.

#10. – $1282.12 (-396.1)

ItsVickyThis month Vicky changed a couple of her links to point to a different site from Amazon, got 16 total posts for the site, and increased her traffic after the Fred update.

I would love to figure out why some people got increases in traffic, but I don’t know if that’s possible without Google telling us what they focused on.

She’s starting to plan for the summer as she wants to spend some time traveling with her kids and she already has 3 months of content scheduled for her affiliate site.

#11. – $981.61 (-704.1)

MyPathToPassiveIncome-EstebanLike many other Amazon affiliates, Essi did not enjoy March, but not simply because of the new update.

Fred made him feel like he got punched in the face by Google, but he also had to go through a highly convoluted process to buy an apartment, and his car broke down so he has to buy a new one.

However, even with all of those issues Essi is focused on his ultimate goal and doesn’t want to give up and simply be miserable forever.

He did end up buying a car with his girlfriend (the car looks awesome BTW), and managed to get a place to himself after all of the annoying meetings.

Next month he plans on making a list of other properties to buy, finishing off some old projects, and saving more money as he’s had to withdraw some of that this month.

#12. – $813.12 (+669.1)

LivingOffCloud-NadyaMarch was good to Nadya.

While other bloggers got hit with the Fred update it didn’t affect her at all, and in one case it increased the rankings of her website!

She added a couple websites to her “elephant family”, fired one of her VAs, and got another guest post for an affiliate site. (If you want to learn more about her elephant family, read her income report!)

Next month she plans on getting more guest posts and trying to recover her sites from the Penguin update that happened in February.

#13. – $775.13 (-1185.25)

March was actually a high earning month for me, but my expenses were also astronomical which is why my profit is so low.

I added 15k words of content to one of my sites, published my first income report roundup, and worked on figuring out ways to correct course after the Fred update.

Google still hasn’t said anything about what happened and I don’t think they ever will. This means it’s up to me to figure out what happened to my sites. What a bummer!

Next month I plan on finishing up school, getting back to Louisiana, and resting for a bit as this summer is going to be full of hard work!

#14. – $530.96 (+314)

AliRazaAli continued his streak of hard work in March.

He published 3 new posts, added a share bar to his site, and he now sells SEO services on his blog!

Next month he plans on writing 4 new posts, increasing his overall traffic by 15%, and publishing an SEO guide.

#15. – $120.75 (+78.55)

TheResltessWorker-MadiMarch marks the two year anniversary of Madi’s start of blogging, but she isn’t celebrating it because she’s been self-hosting her blog for less than that.

She stopped accepting links for money which decreased her income a bit, but at least she can feel safe from Google’s wrath now.

She published 3 new posts, hired an expert to fix an issue with the sharing buttons, and found a potential alternative to Google AdSense.

Next month she plans on getting more guest posts on the blog, writing more guests posts on other blogs, and increasing outreach to other companies.

#16. – $119.97 (+404.93)

Lloyd struggled in maintaining a regular posting schedule in March due to outside stresses and work.

His job is taking up more of his time than he expected it to and he’s getting demotivated by corporate bureaucracy.

His ultimate goal is to get back to being self-employed, but he can’t just dive in because he has responsibilities now he didn’t have before when he was a freelance web developer.

Next month he plans on creating some follow up emails, writing 4 new posts, and getting his RPM to $9.


In total all of these bloggers made $320,069.58 in March!

The top 3 sites skew the numbers a little bit, but all in all that’s still a ton of money!

We also lost one blogger this month, so if you’d like to be featured in this income report roundup, let me know!