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Income-Roundup-February-2017When I was just starting out, my favorite posts were income reports.

I couldn’t believe (and I really wanted to believe) that people like me were making thousands of dollars per month online.

I devoured post after post, and the more I read the more inspired I got.

However, it’s hard to find the time to read all of the income reports that get published and figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying which is why I prefer income report roundups.

Matthew Woodward’s income report roundups were my favorite ones of them all, but sadly he hasn’t published one in nearly 3 months.

While I can’t change the fact that he’s not publishing them anymore, I can do something else: publish them myself!

I’ve picked a couple bloggers with diverse backgrounds to add into this report, but if you you publish income reports yourself and you’d like to be added, please let me know in the comments below!

Let’s get into it!

#1. – $146,498.77

MakingSenseofCents-MichelleFebruary was the highest income month ever for Michelle’s blogging business as she promoted her friend’s course and was featured in Forbes which brought in over 50,000 visitors to her site.

Most of her income came from the BlueHost affiliate program and her Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course.

For the upcoming months she’s planning on decreasing her number of posts per week, increasing her Facebook and Pinterest ad spending, and possibly changing or adding new content to her income reports.

She also plans on earning $1,000,000, doing more live interviews, and having a better work-life balance in 2017.

#2. – $52,155

AuthorityWebsiteIncome-JonHaverFebruary was good to Jon.

Even though he had a big drop in earnings for his passive income portfolio, his overall income is as good as it’s ever been.

He increased his stake in BrandBuilders, tried out a new website/PBN growth strategy, and had success with his service-based businesses.

In the next months he plans on buying more Amazon FBA businesses, growing new sites, and continue focusing on the systems of building a profitable business.

#3. – $24,318

Justin had a very solid February.

His expenses were quite high because he had to renew domains and hosting which impacted his profit margins, but it didn’t bother him much since this is a once a year expense.

He hopes to increase his profit margins during the year as he doesn’t foresee very many expenses, and wants to continue buying sites and reaching out to more clients.

#4. – $21,191.52

MatthewWoodwardMatt hasn’t worked a ton in February as he visited his family in the UK and took some time off to go to Thailand. However, he definitely still did some work.

He started his migration from Aweber to Drip and published 3 posts on his blog which negatively affected his social shares, traffic, and pretty much everything else.

Next month he would like to finish his Drip migration and get his content production back to regular levels.

#5. – $19,634.47

JohnnyFDFebruary was wild for Johnny as he had to run a conference which took up a ton of his time and left him exhausted.

To rest he travelled around Thailand and helped his cousin tour Chiang Mai.

His YouTube channel has been continuously growing, and he even turned a profit on his huge Nomad Summit this year.

He was planning on staying in Bali for a while, but the city didn’t provide the greatest welcome for him, so he’s considering going somewhere else.

#6. – $6,655.01

ThePracticalSaver-AllanThis month Allan had all of his blog posts and pins scheduled ahead of time so he only spent 20 hours working on his blog this month.

Interestingly enough, he also earned his highest income yet this month which shows that if you put in the work earlier, you can cruise for a bit later and still get great results.

In February Allan focused on Pinterest and even purchased a course for Pinterest which he’s found highly useful. He also changed the layout of his blog in order to improve speed and created a YouTube channel.

#7. – $3772

EasyBabyLifeFebruary was a solid month for Paula, and while her income was lower than last months, it’s still nearly 5x higher than her income was a year ago.

Her Pinterest traffic increased by nearly 20,000 visitors since last month and she hopes that it will increase even higher next month due to the golden nuggets she’s learning from the Pinfinite Growth course.

In March she hopes to use the skills from Elite Blog Academy to improve the quality of her writing, her blog design, and the general feel of her blog.

#8. – $3661.97

OneHourProfessor-RonRon took a week off in February, but still managed to increase his income by nearly 95% compared to last year.

This month he incorporated his business as an LCC, started optimizing his Jobs for Felons website, and started a new website in a specific niche.

He also realized the the Google sandbox might be a real thing and figured out that adding an SSL certificate to a website can increase traffic.

In March he plans on optimizing the revenue of his Jobs for Felons website, getting 30 backlinks to one of his sites, and setting up autoresponders to that same site.

#9. – $2047

Untemplater-SydneySydney had a pretty exciting month. She finally bought a new laptop and so far she loves it!

I’m more of a Windows fan, but I can appreciate the joy of purchasing a new product that you love.

She was unable to reach her goal of investing $10,000 per month, but she recorded a bunch of videos and started connecting with friends from her neighborhood.

#10. – $1960.38

Oh look, it’s me!

I had a pretty solid February earnings wise, but I also got hit with the Fred update, pummeled by the Amazon affiliate commission decrease, and hired writers on UpWork to try to get out of the hole that Fred and Amazon dug for me.

In March I plan on adding 25k words of content to one of my affiliate sites in order to try to get out of the Fred hole, and work on a different affiliate site in order to try and keep my income high after the Amazon commissions hit.

#11. – $1903.49

ArtsAndClassy-MeredithMeredith stayed busy in February by improving her previous pins, improved her site’s loading speed by migrating to a VPS, and removed some plugins to stop her site from freezing.

She decided to move to a Virtual Private Server after realizing that she had over 30 gigs of data on her shared hosting and her site was down for an entire 5 days! Hopefully her visitor count didn’t get hurt too much by the downtime.

In March she has to reupload some photos as not all of them got transferred during her move to a VPS.

#12. – $1685.71

MyPathToPassiveIncome-EstebanIt was a rough month for Essi’s wallet as his car broke down so he had to repair it and Amazon let him down with the decrease in commissions.

He also noticed that Matthew Woodward stopped doing the monthly income roundups and misses the traffic and the backlinks that used to bring him.

My income roundups obviously won’t drive as much traffic or as great of backlinks, but I like to think that some people will still find them valuable.

He also changed his goal from a 5 million dollar net worth to 8 figures as he doesn’t want to restrict himself too much.

For March he plans on sorting out taxes, buying a flat, and making at least $2,500 with his side project.

#13. – $1678.22

ItsVickyThis month Vicky reached out to a couple companies and managed to secure some free products for her site to review and give away.

Another company also asked her to do a guest post, but she declined as she understands that her time is valuable and these things can take a long time to complete.

Next month she plans on writing 4 total posts per week for her affiliate site instead of 3, running a giveaway, and looking into other affiliate programs in order to decrease the pain of the Amazon affiliate commission decrease.

#14. – $216.96

AliRazaAs always Ali is experimenting and trying to improve user experience.

He installed a Table of Contents plugin and he hopes that it will make his site easier to navigate and also give him some Google love.

He plans on writing 4 new posts in March, launching his own SEO services, and increasing overall traffic by 15%.

#15. – $144.02

LivingOffCloud-NadyaFebruary was not a very fun month for Nadya.

Two of her sites got hit by Penguin and she thinks it might be because she bought Hoth links to both of these sites before.

She plans on getting rid of the low-quality backlinks, adding higher quality ones, and adjusting the anchor text variations using this case study.

However, not all is bad! She also got a new VA that she’s currently happy with and the Penguin update caused he to do something she’s been thinking about for a long time: guest posting.

In March she plans on doing guest posting for the penalized sites, getting more PBNs, and publish more content on her main blog.

#16. – $42.2

TheResltessWorker-MadiFebruary was a weird month for Madi because of personal reasons, but she still had great traction from and hopes that this trend will continue.

She feels like the blog to-do list is never ending, and as if no matter how much she accomplishes it’s as if she doesn’t move at all. (Oh I know how you feel…)

She had to take some time off, but thankfully she had all of her posts already scheduled at the beginning of the month so she didn’t have to stress about having nothing to publish.

#17. – $-284.96

February was a highly busy month for Lloyd even though it might not look like it on the surface.

His blog had some technical issues which caused him to nearly fall behind on his consistent blogging schedule, but he managed to pull through in the end.

However, he also took some time off because he felt highly stressed out and didn’t want to drive himself into the ground.

He tried out an AMP plugin, but it looked horrendous so he ended up scrapping it, which ended up causing more problems and he lost out on 12,000 visitors to his site due to a 404 page caused by the plugin. 🙁

Next month he plans on publishing at least 3 new posts, getting 20k page views, and get his RPM above $4.


In total all of these bloggers made $287,279.76 in February!

That’s a ridiculously big number considering that I didn’t include any blogs like SmartPassiveIncome or EntrepreneurOnFire as they would skew the results hugely.

It’s also interesting to see that many of these blogs are not in the “make money online niche” which is great because it shows that you can make real money online without writing about making money online! Which is exactly what I do… Oups… Sorry! 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you would like me to include anything else, or if you’d like to be a part of the next income report.