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April-Income-Report-Roundup-2017Can you really make money online even if you’re not in the “make money online by making money online” niche? (Sheesh, what a mouthful!)

I love income reports so I decided to read through the reports of bloggers from various niches and condense them all in this post for your reading pleasure.

My goal with this post is to show you that it’s really possible to make money online through blogging and hopefully inspire you to start your own blog.

This list shows the evolution of blogs from less than $100 per month to more than $100,000 per month.

Let’s get right into it!

#1. – $121,567 (+2,688)

MakingSenseofCents-MichelleMichelle’s income increased a bit in April even though she worked hard on maintaining a solid work-life balance and only worked a couple hours each day.

She says it’s weird to finally have her work-life balance under control and that she feels like she’s forgetting things that she should be doing because she’s working less each day.

Her goals for May are the same as always: continue learning, promote her business better, and get at least 3 months ahead on posts for her blog.

#2. – $97,864 (+43,954)

Last month Justin doubled his income, and he almost repeated that crazy feat again this month!

Most of his income comes from his client sites, but even if you look just at the income he gets from his personal sites it’s a solid 12k!

His plans are same as always: reach 100+ sites by the end of the year and increase his customer base to help him become financially independent.

#3. – $49,617.53 (-10,448.08)

AuthorityWebsiteIncome-JonHaverApril was busy for Jon as he worked on balancing immediate pay-off with long-term growth.

ContentRefined is growing at an incredible pace, his money site earnings are holding steady, and he even took a trip to Florida with his wife and kids without them crying on the plane!

However, not everything was perfect as one of his FBA businesses had the product pulled from Amazon, he was unable to respond to as many emails as he would’ve liked, and he wasn’t as productive during his vacation as he hoped.

He plans on putting his summer interns to work by promoting his Authority Website site and developing systems to help drive his business forward.

#4. – $21,207.58 (-785.25)

MatthewWoodwardApril’s income took a small dip as Matthew spend time focusing on nutrition and training for an Ironman triathlon.

He’s planning on running his first one in 2 months and while the data says he’s not ready, he’s working hard to run it without dying.

He ended up only publishing 4 posts, and next month he plans on increasing traffic back to the 60,000 visitors mark and balancing ironman training and work.

#5. – $5,997.04 (-3,391.78)

OneHourProfessor-RonRon was incredibly busy in April with real life stuff.

He gave a best man’s speech at a wedding, got engaged, got married, and is in the process of moving to Brazil.

Phew, that’s a ton of stuff!

However, even with all of that he managed to scrounge up his 2nd best month income wise due to his passive income sources.

One of his sites went viral once again, and if his expenses weren’t unusually high for this month, his income would be much closer to last month!

Next month he wants to finish moving to Brazil, record 3 YouTube videos per week, and automate his YouTube channel editing.

#6. – $3634 (-781)

EasyBabyLifeApril was a busy and somewhat disappointing month for Paula.

Her pageviews decreased by over 100,000 and her blog isn’t growing as fast as her impatient soul would like it to.

She also moved from Aweber to Mailerlite, and bought a bunch of printable designs to give to her email subscribers. How awesome of her!

#7. – $1282.12 (+140.8)

ItsVickyVicky’s site is holding steady in April.

Her traffic dropped a bit due to the seasonal nature of her site, but she’s not worried about it.

This month she worked on improving her site’s speed  and adding content for evergreen niches.

Her site also went from having 12 keywords in the top 3 to 133 keywords within 1 month. That’s a crazy increase!

#8. – $1227.96 (+414.84)

LivingOffCloud-NadyaApril was a high pressure month for Nadya at work so she couldn’t spend as much time as she would’ve liked on her websites.

However, she still had time to increase he income with the Amazon native ads promotion, attempt one guest post, and had one freelancer completely disappear on her.

Her income didn’t seem to suffer though as she increased it by nearly 50%, but she thinks there might be a competitor brewing trouble for her “horse” website which could mean lower future earnings.

In May she plans on continuing guest posting, keeping a close on on her “horse” website and the potential competitor, and going to NYC and Boston with her boyfriend.

#9. – $1,219.72 (+238.11)

MyPathToPassiveIncome-EstebanApril was a good month for Essi.

After a chaotic couple months, he finally managed to get back on track and even had time to go to the gym!

His site still hasn’t recovered after Fred and he plans on removing some of the worse-performing affiliate content to see if that gets his rankings back up.

He also sold one of his sites for $350, found 2 potential houses to buy, and finished off a couple of other projects.

Essi hopes to move somewhere sunny and become completely self-employed within 3 years which I think is very possible for him. 🙂

Next month he hopes on making at least $2,000 with his side project, drafting out his future plans, and setting up a meeting with a bank for a potential 2nd rental unit.

#10. – $1,128.77 (-774.72)

ArtsAndClassy-MeredithMeredith took it easy in April and thought of it as a recovery and learning lessons month.

She found some potential furniture for flipping that might make it on her May income report and relaxed a bit to avoid the burnout that comes with having your own business.

Her traffic decreased quite a bit in April and she plans on finding ways to increase her traffic back to where it was in the upcoming months.

#11. – $1066.64 (+291.51)

I was pretty relaxed on the online front because April was full of exams and other exciting college stuff. :/

However, I still managed to publish my second income report roundup, add 16k words to one of my sites to try and get rid of Fred issues, started the process of selling one of my Amazon sites, and tried out Doug’s KGR technique.

Next month I plan on finalizing the sale of my Amazon affiliate site, doing some SEO for one of my affiliate sites, and starting my journey of learning copywriting.

#12. – $380.31 (+259.56)

TheResltessWorker-MadiEven though Madi’s blog had a decrease in traffic, her income was better than ever!

The extra income is due to an unexpected sponsorship post and their first double digit increases on

She took 2 weeks off to travel around Europe, and while she had post prescheduled, she fell behind in responding to emails and outreach.

Next month is going to be hectic as her wedding is almost 3 months away, but Madi plans on keeping her cool by writing and scheduling posts to stay ahead of the game.

#13. – $68.33


Andrew and Adam are newcomers to this roundup, and while they’re not making millions, it’s always interesting to read the start of other people’s blogging journeys.

Andrew finally figured out the niche/goal for his site: creating a $10,000,000 portfolio for retirement by only using online money-making methods.

They published 2 posts on the site, worked on SEO to get traffic to the site, and got asked by the AOL Finance Collective to contribute to their network.

Next month they plan on updating the about page, writing two articles to make money, and growing the site.

#14. – $61.68 (-58.29)

Lloyd is happy about his progress in April.

His traffic has been decreasing monthly because he didn’t have the time to work on it, but this month he managed to stop it from decreasing.

He published 4 blog posts, completed 3 out of 4 goals for the month, and sent out a survey to his email list.

Even though next month is going to be very busy for him, he still plans on publishing 3 new posts, creating a new product, and getting to 20,000 page views.


In total all of these bloggers made $306,322.68 in April!

The top 3 sites skew the numbers a little bit, but all in all that’s still a ton of money!

We lost 3 bloggers this month which is surprisingly high. 2 of them didn’t publish income reports, and one of them changed the format because he retired.

Let me know if you’d like to be featured in the next one!