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September was another great Amazon Affiliate month for me.

I was able to keep my income as high as last month while barely working on any of my sites.

This month was a dry season as I had only one post during the whole month, but I have plenty of ideas for future posts that you will find useful. The only problem is finding the time to work on them.

Plans For October

September was a very dry month for this site content-wise, so my goal for October is to publish at least 2 posts that aren’t my monthly roundup ones.

I want to break $300 in Amazon Affiliate income as that would mean that I’m exactly halfway there to my goal of $600 per month in 6 months.

I also started working on an Amazon Affiliate niche and keyword research course which will go live at the beginning of November.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $10 I didn’t have time to do the tests because of homework and college stuff.
  • G2A- $1.57 No work, passive income.
  • AdSense- $5.26 The earnings went down because one of my YouTube accounts was closed in July and these are the August earnings.
  • Amazon- $285.92 The earnings stayed at the same level as last month, but there were no random large purchases. If there were big purchases not related to my sites I would’ve broken $300 easily.
  • Bitcoins- $6.13 This is from PokerAm and A-Ads.
  • Referral- $6 FreeEats is still getting me a small income!
  • Opinion Rewards- $2.85 A couple of quick surveys using Google’s app.
  • BlueHost-$65 My first referral payment from BlueHost. If I get 4 signups per month that would basically double my income. Now I understand why Pat Flynn makes so much money from their referral program!
  • Total- $382.73 Not as much as last month, but over 90% of this income was passive so I can’t complain!