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October-Income-ReportThis is my 20th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in October

While October was an incredibly busy month for me, I didn’t do anything that is easy to see right now.

I don’t have any posts up on this site, and all of the work that my VA and I have been putting in hasn’t translated into real money yet.

Online I:

  • Recorded many video tutorials for my VA.
  • Found tons of buyer keywords for WHQ that have fairly low competition. My VA is working on this right now!
  • Bought some Web 2.0 links for my WHQ site.
  • Joined a group SEO buy group and got access to Ahrefs, Semrush, and many more tools for cheap. This is how I was able to find tons of keywords easily!

Offline I:

  • Struggled with juggling all of the things that come with being a college student.
    • Such as tons of homework.
    • FOMO aka fear of missing out. No matter what you’re doing, you’re always missing out on something awesome.
  • Realized that I do enjoy programming and computer science.


Most of these goals are Amazon affiliate focused as I decided to focus on one thing instead of stretching myself too thin.

  • Finalize and publish 30 half-done posts on WHQ. SUCCEEDED I reviewed and published exactly 30 posts. I currently have 21 posts sitting in drafts so I gotta get on that this month.
  • Write at least 10 posts myself by October 15th on WHQFAILED When I say I failed this I mean that I haven’t written a single word except for when I edited my VA’s writing. I don’t have any time to write now though because of school so I’m okay with that.
  • Teach my VA basic outreach and SEO strategies and start them after October 15th. FAILED I decided that it’s more important to publish content targeting low-competition keywords so I have more content up by Black Friday and Christmas. Instead I bought a couple of Web 2.0s, and while they won’t give me a huge boost, it should still give me a bit. 
  • Figure out which posts I can rank before Black Friday/Christmas, which posts I should wait on, and whether there are any holiday specific posts I should do. SUCCEEDED I found the lowest competition/highest value search terms and now I have my VA writing Top X product posts for that. 

Plans For November

November is going to be a rough month.

I have an extreme amount of work in school, but I also have a ridiculous number of things I want to do online money wise.

I’ve got some plans for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and if I succeed, those two days will be HUGE even without WHQ posts ranking too high on Google.

However, I’m hoping that by then I’ll have more traffic and more sales coming from WHQ as I now have 30 quality posts up on the site.


  • Look over, edit, and publish the 21 drafts I currently have on WHQ.
  • Keep finding keywords and helping my VA pump out affiliate/product-oriented content.
  • Possibly create a Pinterest/Facebook account for WHQ and teach my VA what to post and how to post on them.
  • Write at least 5 posts each oriented at Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and promote them online.

Website Traffic

Another month with no new posts…

Who knew college would be this ridiculously busy?

I have so many things I want to write about and create, but trying to maintain my grades leaves me with almost no free time.

I feel like such a wantrapreneur, but I know next semester will be better because I will be taking less classes.

Traffic stayed pretty much the same.


Amazon Affiliate Websites Traffic

This section is for those interested in my Amazon affiliate sites.

Most of my income is from Amazon, so I thought you might be interested in seeing how much traffic I get on my biggest sites and how much money they make.

BAB is my highest traffic site by far (I have acronyms for all of my sites because I don’t want to reveal the URL, but I need some way to keep track of them.)

I only made $725.23 from the site this month, but it’s not a great time for it.

As you can see, the October traffic is much lower than the September one, but this should all change in January/February as that’s when the hot season starts.


Income Report

Here are the numbers that everyone loves to see!

  • Amazon Affiliate- $1050.31 Pretty solid month!
  • Content Samurai– $632.16 It randomly went up this month! I didn’t do anything, but it’s nice to see that it’ll keep bringing me a nice monthly income for a while.
  • Total- $1682.47 Pretty average month for me. Nothing much to say.


  • Aweber- $19 Monthly subscription.
  • SerpLab- $5 Keyword tracking.
  • SEO- $296.19 Purchased 10 Web 2.0s and a bunch of PBN links.
  • Other- $161.07 Screencaster Pro and Snagit to record videos for my VA..
  • VA- $600 $3 per hour full-time plus bonuses.
  • Total- $1081.26 Not great.

Total Profit: $601.21

Quite a low profit month, but still very impressive considering how hard I’m currently working to try and grow this number.