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I didn’t do much site-improvement in October.

If you look at my latest Amazon Affiliate post you’ll see that I didn’t do anything after October 12th.

Aren’t college applications great?

Anyway, this month I will have time to work on my Amazon sites and get ready for the holiday season.

I’m writing this on November 5th, and I just finished moving my site from Weebly to WordPress.

All of my small-earnings posts and guides will stay on the weebly site, and I’ll use this site for higher-income things like Amazon Affiliate and random Internet Marketing posts.

This month’s income was disappointing, but it should get higher because of the upcoming holidays.

Plans For November

I need to prepare my sites for the holiday season so I can maximize my income for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

I’m toying with the idea of buying $10 of Facebook ads on Black Friday to get people to my site, and then use a special landing page to get them to click through to Amazon.

I’ve never used Facebook ads to drive clicks to my sites though, so this is a risky strategy.

There’s also a lot of other things I want to start getting my things into.

I want to:

  • Grow my Amazon Affiliate sites.
  • Create 2 more Amazon Affiliate sites.
  • Start some simple Amazon FBA stuff.
  • Write a book. (I have an idea for an eBook that I can self-publish on Amazon, but I don’t have time and I don’t know if now is the best time to write it.)
  • Try out penny-stock trading using the lessons of Tim Sykes.
  • Create a course on uDemy.

Obviously I can’t do all of that in the next month, (or even in the next year), so I’m going to focus on Amazon Affiliate until I finish my $50 to $600 project, and then see what I want to do next.

Income Report

  • Amazon Affiliate- $217.33 A bit disappointing, but I didn’t work on my websites at all so it makes sense…
  • Usertesting- $20 I did a couple tests at the beginning of the month, but I had no time at the end.
  • Clickworker– $5.96 No idea where this money came from… Maybe a referral?
  • G2A– $2.82 No work, passive income.
  • AdSense- $4.18 I haven’t posted any videos in 5 months and it shows…
  • Bitcoins- $8.89 This is from PokerAm and A-Ads.
  • Referral- $4 FreeEats is still getting me a small income!
  • Opinion Rewards- $3.63 A couple of quick surveys using Google’s app.
  • Total- $266.81 My lowest month since May, but I only spent 5 hours working tops so I’m okay with the outcome.