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November-Income-ReportI was incredibly productive in November, and while the results of my work may not be visible right now, they will show soon.

I worked on:

  • Moving my website from Weebly to WordPress and changing the content.
  • My $50 to $600 per month Amazon Affiliate project.
  • A non-amazon affiliate website targeting people looking to buy Content Samurai. You can check out the site here.
  • Posts on my azongenius site. (I’m not actually a genius, I just like the name. 😉 )
  • An outline for a reddit advertising course I’m going to create for uDemy. (The outline is done. Now I have to write a script for all the videos)
  • Scripts for my Amazon Affiliate keyword research course. (I have a lot of videos to make, and it usually works better when I have some sort of script in front of me even if I don’t fully follow it.)

Moving my site took around 20 hours, but it was definitely worth it.

The site looks better and it works better for what I want.

I want to become one of the leading online money-making blogs (lofty goal I know), and to do that I had to get off Weebly.

My old site was also targeted at people looking to make money online from surveys and “beermoney” sites, and I want to focus on higher-earning money-making opportunities.

Plans For December

I will keep working on my Amazon Affiliate project and sites.

2 of my sites are starting to rank higher and should result in more sales for me.

I’ll do more A/B testing on the websites because I haven’t done that at all.

I also plan to promote my content samurai website as it can be a pretty good way of earning some extra cash if I can get it to rank in the top 3 in Google.

I’ll keep writing scripts for my Amazon Affiliate and Reddit courses, and maybe I’ll even start recording some videos for them.

Winter break starts on the 18th and I’ll have 16 days to work on my websites and continue submitting my college apps. (Sigh, the life of a high school senior…)

Website Traffic

This is my first time posting a website traffic report because this is my first month with the traffic only coming from those interested in making larger amounts of money online. (Not just traffic interested in making a dollar off of Swagbucks or something.)

Google Analytics November Overview for OnlineMoneyz

As you can see, my bounce rate is pretty high, but that’s caused by the fact that I didn’t have redirects set up to my old site.

So if people visited from a link that led to a blog post on my old website they’d be met with a 404 page.

I fixed it at the end of the month so next month the bounce rate should be much better.

The low traffic days at the beginning of the month is from when I was moving my site.

There isn’t much to look at here, but I wanted to post it so there’s something to compare to for my next month’s traffic report.

Income Report

  • Amazon Affiliate- $222.52 Kind of surprised it isn’t higher because of Black Friday, but oh well.
  • G2A– $.54 No work, passive income. Very low this time though.
  • AdSense- $3.32 Slowly decreasing.
  • Bitcoins- $10.57 This is from PokerAm and A-Ads.
  • Referral- $5 FreeEats magic. 
  • Content Samurai– $22.56 Got one affiliate sale of content samurai from my website. Next month I’ll be doing some more promotion because this commission is monthly (as long as the buyer continues his subscription) so if I have 10 people under me that equals to $200 per month.
  • Total- $264.51 Another monthly low, but I didn’t do any work on UserTesting at all, and with my Amazon sites ranking higher and my content samurai site promotion it’s bound to be higher.