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OM-May-Income-ReportThis is my 15th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in May

May was a chaotic mix of school graduation stuff, partying, and track so I once again didn’t have time to do much.

Online I:

  • Hired a VA.- Worth it for $2 an hour, but the English barrier can be a bit of a pain at times.
  • Published my huge post!- I’ll be adding some lead magnets and editing a bit of it, but it’s mostly complete.
  • Joined a Mastermind Facebook group.- So far it’s definitely worth it. 
  • Figured out what I’m going to focus on for the next 3 months.

Offline I:

  • Finally graduated!- We’re not in high school anymore Toto.
  • Ran at the big State meet with my track team and watched 3 of our guys break school records.
  • Partied with my senior class.
  • Did a bunch of work for college entrance stuff.- Entrance exams are a pain.


Last month was the first time I had this section, and funnily enough last month was also the month that I pivoted in the way I look at big goals.

  • Finally publish my huge post. SUCCEEDED– I published it right before writing this post. That counts, right? 😉
  • Clean up the number of websites that I have and shift to having multiple authority sites instead of many small sites. FAILED– I didn’t even work on this at all.
  • Add at least 4 articles to one of my newer Amazon affiliate sites. FAILED– All 3 of my writers started ignoring me on UpWork and didn’t complete the job. I fired them, but didn’t find new ones.
  • Clean up my Amazon affiliate sites. FAILED– I haven’t even worked on this at all.
  • Create and publish the dang reddit ads course. FAILED– After talking about my goals and monetary plans with Josh, I decided that this isn’t worth it.
  • Publish at least 1 post per week on OnlineMoneyz. FAILED– I got about two posts done last month. Three if you count my big post. I’m still happy with the results though.

As you can see I failed most of my goals, but I’m surprisingly happy about it.

I now know that I need to focus on one main thing to succeed, and that one main thing will be a gaming guides website.

Plans For June

I always set a ton of goals and then end up not accomplishing most of them.

From now one my goals will align with my goal of paying for college using my online income, and the idea of focus. (I’ll only focus on one big project at a time.)


  • Edit the posts on BAB and prepare them for next year.
  • Figure out the rankings of my posts on BAB and add some content and small backlinks to the ones that are close to being at the top.
  • Merge OnlineMoneyz, Snooads, and JVReviews.
  • Start working on my game guides project.- This is the big one.
    • Buy a domain.
    • Set up the basic WP site layout.
    • Plan out the categories and sections.
    • Plan out the content/videos.
    • Create the YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Tumblr page.
    • Start writing Clash Royale and guides.

Website Traffic

The traffic is increasing even though I didn’t do anything this month.

OM May Traffic

It’s coming from the blog comments I did last month, and I’m also getting visitors from Matthew Woodward’s income report roundups

OM April VS May Traffic

The pages per session and the average time on site decreased which isn’t great, but I like the increased traffic!\

Amazon Affiliate Websites Traffic

This is a new section I’m adding for those interested in my Amazon affiliate websites.

Since most of my income comes from that, it might be interesting for some of you to see how much traffic I get on each site and how much money I’m making from each of them.

BAB is my highest traffic site by far (I have acronyms for all of my sites because I don’t want to reveal the URL, but I need some way to keep track of them.)

I only made $346.31 from the site in May compared to $1,147.51 for April.

I’m surprised I even earned that much because no one cares about this niche after the beginning of May.

As you can see the traffic dropped like a rock after May 10th.

BAB May VS April Traffic

WHQ is an up and coming site that I started not so long ago.

This site only made $60.08 compared to $87.79 in April.

As you can see there were no big changes in the traffic, but that’s because there were no changes to the site.

WHQ April Traffic

Income Report

Here are the numbers that everyone loves to see!

  • Amazon Affiliate- $485.25 As I predicted before, my income dropped like a rock after BAB’s hot season.
  • Content Samurai– $476.16 Increased by 150% since last month. If this keeps increasing like this it might just reach $1,000 per month!
  • Shopify Affiliate- $79
  • Offline Work- $429 Finished a local Shopify website.
  • Total- 1469.41 A pretty solid month, but not enough to reach my needed income to pay for college.


  • Aweber- $19 Monthly subscription.
  • Long Tail Pro Subscription- $37
  • Ads- $30 Reddit ads.
  • VA- $100 Got a VA at $2 an hour for the month.
  • Buy My Future- $250 Bought Jason’s future.
  • Mastermind- $100 Definitely worth the price!
  • Total- $536 Pretty low-expense month for me. Not bad!

Total Profit: $933.41

This is my lowest month in a while.

Next month might be even lower because I won’t see the income from my game guide project until a couple months out, but by September/October this number should be higher!