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This month was another busy month for me, but I managed to narrowly beat my last month’s profits.

I bought 2 more $10 phones to add to my Perk farm (bringing the total number to 5) and this should increase my monthly income by around $20-$30.

This month was also a great month for my Amazon Affiliate site, and July is a peak month for a different Amazon Affiliate site that I have, so hopefully the summer income from Amazon Affiliate sites won’t drop too much.

My UserTesting income was quite low, but I already have $55 of income for the month of June (From tests taken May 25th and later as I count the money for UserTesting by payout date) so June should be a pretty solid month once again.

Plans For June

I will finally have enough time to work on all of my Affiliate sites, and I plan on adding more content to them and starting link building with the goal of getting them to the top 3 of Google for the big keywords.

I will also work on getting this site to rank higher in the SERPs, and I have been day-trading on PaidVerts and once June 10th comes I might cash out some of my shares and put the money into Poker Automatics to see if they really pay.

My Bitcoin income will also be much higher for June as I will stop investing into and I will start cashing out.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $75 (This month was quite low, but it’s still nice for a couple hours of work)
  • PerkTV- $40 (I added 2 more phones to my Perk farm halfway through the month, so next month this should be around $60.)
  • G2A- $3.14 (Completely passive. Fairly low, but it adds up.)
  • AdSense- $8.92 (My OnlineMoneyz YouTube channel is adding to my gaming channel income which is quite nice.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $46.28 (My highest month so far! I’m excited to see what my income will be like in March of next year.)
  • Bitcoins- $1 (Some money from a-ads that I use on one of my Web 2.0 properties)
  • innoPoll- $2 (I didn’t qualify for 2 tests and they sent me $2 as a “sorry” payment.)
  • Other- $10.25 (Referral money from FreeEats)
  • Total- $186.59 (Another small increase in my overall income, but I’m very happy with my Amazon income, and if my UserTesting income stayed at the $100+ level, I would have broken $200!)