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March-Income-ReportThis is my 25th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in March

The problems from February spilled over into March as I tried to put out fires everywhere and figure out how not to lose all of my income.

I spent more money than usual in an attempt to rank some of my other websites which doesn’t reflect in my income report just yet. (Hopefully it will be noticeable soon.)

Online I:

  • Added 15,000 words of content to WHQ with the hopes of getting my rankings back after Fred.
  • Published my first ever income report roundup! I loved reading through everyone’s progress in the past month and I think this is something I will do every month no matter how popular it is.
  • Researched and discovered potential very low competition keywords to add to WHQ and help it rank.

Offline I:

  • Enjoyed a couple warm weather days, but worked for the rest of the time.


I didn’t have a goals section last month, but I did accomplish most of what I planned on doing.

I kept my great writer, published less posts than I would’ve liked on WHQ (15k instead of 25k), and did some basic SEO on WHQ.

Plans For April

I usually don’t accomplish the “goals” I set for myself so I completely got rid of this section last month.

Instead I prefer discussing my plan of attack for the next month and then looking back and seeing what I did differently and what I completely ignored.

April won’t be as productive as February from my side as I have my final exams and then the move back to Louisiana, but content wise everything should keep running smoothly.

Previously I would have to look over every single post that the Upwork writer wrote, format it for WP, add images, links, and all that jazz, but now my VA does it for me! Total time = 30 minutes.

I simply send her the Word file, scan over the post when she’s done, and press Publish. Total time = 2 minutes. 

P.S.- If you are considering getting a VA, I recommend hiring one from this website. Just make sure to give them a test task before hiring full or part time or you might get burned!

I also want to try out Doug’s Keyword Golden Ratio for writing posts for WHQ to see if it actually works and if I can get traffic quickly and increase my affiliate income.

I’m also writing a post that looks at the top 10 websites in Google for 3 keywords to see what their similarities and differences are to try and figure out why they’re ranking after Fred and I’m not.

This is a massive project as I’m looking into the quality of their links, content quality, keyword density, number of images, total number of posts and affiliate/non affiliate content, and much more.

Website Traffic

Less traffic for whatever reason. Not sure what caused the dip after March 15th.


Amazon Affiliate Websites Traffic

This section is for those interested in my Amazon affiliate sites.

Most of my income is from Amazon, so I thought you might be interested in seeing how much traffic I get on my biggest sites and how much money they make.

BAB is my highest traffic site by far (I have acronyms for all of my sites because I don’t want to reveal the URL, but I need some way to keep track of them.)

I made $1,006.90 from the site this month, compared to $1,069.35 in February.

A little less than in February, but the Amazon commissions decreased my income by 45% which means I would’ve been at around $2k without the cut. Whoops!

Typical traffic increase at this time of the year. Not very surprising!


WHQ is a site that I removed from this section previously, but I’m bringing it back now as it’s on the upswing.

It made $225.09 in March compared to $286.55 in February.

That’s a small decrease, but it’s not too bad because my rankings dropped like crazy when Fred happened.

Surprisingly my traffic didn’t drop that much, but we’ll see what the next month brings.


Income Report

Here are the numbers that everyone loves to see!

  • Amazon Affiliate- $1492.84 First month after the commission cut. Disappointing as all of my previous months have been nearly $2k, but all I can do is keep my head up and work harder.
  • Content Samurai– $656.16 A steady increase due to some rankings increases. Can I get to $1k per month before the summer?
  • Total- $2149 Five months of $2k+ revenue, but the profit this month is not very great.


  • SerpLab- $5 Keyword tracking.
  • SEO- $368 Bought PBN and some Tumblr links to one of my sites.
  • Domains/Hosting- $27.87 Had to pay to renew one of my domains.
  • Upwork- $181 Getting the content for WHQ. I started out at paying $10/1000 words, but then raised my rates to $15/1000 words.
  • VA- $745 First month at $4 per hour. An obvious increase already.
  • Total- $1373.87 Expenses aren’t too bad.

Total Profit: $775.13

My worst profit month in a while. Disappointing, but I have high hopes for this summer.