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January-Income-ReportJanuary was a great month for me.

This month I

  • Completed my $50 to $600 challenge
  • Found scientific proof for becoming an idea machine
  • Explained the secret to successful keyword research
  • Created a website for a local store
  • And started experimenting with thinks like YouTube ranking, churn and burn, and more.

Now that I’m done with the Amazon project I can focus on new challenges and ways of making money online.

This month I worked on:

  • My $50 to $600 Amazon Project.
  • Writing my biggest post ever. I’m at 10,000 words right now and I’m only about halfway done.
  • Starting a Private Blog Network
  • Doing experiments with YouTube and Web 2.0 ranking

Plans For February

Now that I’m finished with my Amazon challenge I have time for other experiments.

I’m currently testing different YouTube ranking strategies, churn and burn methods, and Facebook ads for email list building.

I’m also halfway done with my biggest post ever and it will go up in February.

Website Traffic

Halfway through the month I realized that nearly a third of my traffic is referral spam.

This threw off my bounce rate, average session duration, and pretty much everything else.

I didn’t get rid of the spam for this month, but my next month’s stats should only include my real traffic.

Anyway, here’s my traffic for this month:


And here’s a quick comparison:


Notice the spike on the 26th of the month?

That’s one of the big referral spam days.

Almost all of my numbers decreased, but I’m not too worried as I know that I’ll see a big traffic spikes in February.

The spike won’t be referral spam either!

Income Report

This month I split up my report into Revenue, Expenses, and Profit as I want to keep track of how much I’m spending each month.


  • Amazon Affiliate- $583 Even though I didn’t get to $600, I was incredibly close.
  • AdSense- $4.82 I’m considering getting back into the YouTube game if I can figure out a better way to rank my videos.
  • Bitcoins- $11.4 From PokerAm.
  • Shopify Affiliate– $29 My first Shopify commissions!
  • Content Samurai– $45.12 Not great, but my site’s rankings tanked for a couple weeks. It’s back to normal now though.
  • Offline Work- $429 Created a Shopify website for a local business.
  • Dollar Candy– $20 A fun way of making money by playing a skill game. Not much, but I get paid for playing a game so why not.
  • Opinion Rewards- $2.78 Some change for a short survey.
  • Total- $1125.12 My highest earning month yet by far!


  • Aweber- $19 Monthly subscription.
  • Upwork- $54.50 Outsourcing content for my Amazon Affiliate sites.
  • SourceMarket $50 SEO services for YouTube ranking and churn and burn experiments.
  • Round Icons- $99 Bought a huge set of vector icons for my websites. This should be enough for at least a year.
  • GoDaddy- $128 Bought hosting and extended a couple domains for a year.
  • Expired Domains- $60 Bought 5 expired domains for my PBN.
  • Facebook Ads- $30 Experimented with Facebook Ads.
  • Total- $440.5

Total Profit: $684.62

Very happy with the income growth I’ve had so far, but I have bigger goal than this which is why I’m still experimenting.