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OnlineMoneyz-February-Income-ReportHey guys!

This is my 12th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help some of you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in February

February started out on a sad note as I removed all of the referral spam traffic in Google Analytics.

Why is that sad?

Because my traffic looks pitiful. (Scroll down to the Website Traffic section to check it out.)

I also:

  • Experimented with ranking YouTube videos the blackhat way. (I found something that mostly works, but I need to test it out more.)
  • Wrote a beginner’s guide to Amazon Affiliate
  • Purchased micro-niche AdSense sites
  • Started running YouTube ads
  • Continued experimenting with reddit ads
  • Watched 6 webinars. I’m planning on running a couple of my own webinars sometime soon.
  • Worked on my huge post. It’s almost completed now!

Plans For March

My goal for March is $1000 in revenue.

I should be able to reach it as long as nothing major goes wrong.

I have a $100 coupon to experiment with YouTube ads, and I want to find a profitable campaign. (Doesn’t everyone? Heh…)

I slacked off a bit on my huge post, but most of the content is ready and I just need to add images.

I still want to publish a course on Udemy, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what they want from me quality wise.

I have a 1080P video with a higher bitrate than what they require, but the quality is still not up to their “standards.”


Anyway if I can figure that out, that’d be great.

I also purchased a program that lets me run unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees, so that’s pretty cool!

I just have to find the attendees. 🙂

Website Traffic

Without the referral spam my website traffic is pitiful.

However the average session duration and the bounce rate are looking very good!


Income Report

Here are the numbers that everyone is here for!

  • Amazon Affiliate- $716.03 My best month yet! I had 3 $50+ days at the end of February and I’m hoping to break $800 in March.
  • AdSense- $1.65 This number might increase if the AdSense sites that I purchased are good.
  • Bitcoins- $16.28 From PokerAm.
  • Shopify Affiliate– $30.57 More commissions.
  • Content Samurai– $113.28 My best month yet! Can I double this in March?
  • Other- 9.25 Miscellaneous small income.
  • Total- $887.06 This is my biggest online only income month so far. Can I break $1000 next month?


  • Aweber- $19 Monthly subscription.
  • SourceMarket $673 SEO services for YouTube and 4 AdSense sites.
  • Domains- $56 Domains for the AdSense sites and a couple of PBNs.
  • Ads- $28 $20 reddit ads and $8 YouTube ads.
  • Fiverr- $16.5 Bought a couple of flyer posting gigs.
  • Proxies- $16.8 I bought proxies for GSA SER as I used it for my churn and burn experiment.
  • JVzoo Purchases- $67 I bought Webinar X.
  • Content Samurai- $47
  • Total- $923.3 Lots of money gone, but it should help me increase my income next month.

Total Profit: -$36.24

Spent a lot of money this month, but the money I spent should help me make more $$ in the future.

What about you guys? How’s your online income going?

Comment below!