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December-Income-Report-OnlineMoneyzThis is my 22nd income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

I decided to do a separate report for December and for the year of 2016, so if you’re interested in how my entire year went and how much money I made, come back here soon! (I’ll put a link in the intro once I finish the post.)

What I Did in December

December was a soul-searching and foundation building month.

I thought about my ultimate goals, dreams, and visions and tried to figure out what I should do next in internet marketing and in life.

Online I:

  • Looked at various keyword and SEO services to see if I could streamline my Amazon affiliate site process. I’m good on the content at the moment as my VA has that covered, but I need to work on SEO.
  • Read up on using Pinterest to drive traffic to my websites. The next step is creating a plan and outsourcing this to my VA. This is obviously not as good as me figuring it out first and then showing her how to do everything, but I’m limited on time.
  • Did some test videos using Content Samurai.

Offline I:

  • Survived my first final exams in college and completed the semester!
  • Wrote in a journal and tried to figure out what I want to do later in life and what I should be doing in 2017. This is a process that I should be going through constantly as goals change and it’s important to be aligned with your goals/vision.


I wanted to spend some time de-stressing and relaxing so I could attack 2017 with renewed strength, but this didn’t work out as well as I thought it would.

I did rest, but I found it hard to “turn myself off” so to speak and not think about what I have to do internet marketing and business wise.

I’m trying out a float tank later in January and I might also start meditating again as that was very helpful.

  • REST Succeeded (sorta)I spent time reading, sleeping, and playing video games, but not as much as I would’ve liked to.
  • Look over, edit, and publish the 25 drafts I currently have on WHQ. SucceededIt feels so good to be done with this. Now there’s 64 published posts on the site. Not at 100 yet, but still a lot of content considering that most of these posts are 1,000+ words. 
  • Create a Pinterest account for WHQ and teach my VA how to create content for it and what/how/when to post it. FailedI researched it, but haven’t taken any action. 
  • Publish at least 2 posts on OnlineMoneyz. Failed0 posts as always. I have a new “journey” that I’ll be starting in January though so that’ll add at least 1 extra post per month.

Plans For January

January is going to be filled with hard work.

I have two very hard classes in college, a ton of stuff I want to do online, and of course I want to have a resemblance of a life also.

Juggling all of the above will be hard, but the rewards are worth it.


  • Publish two posts on OnlineMoneyz:
    • “A year in review” post covering how much money I made and spent during the year, how I could’ve made more money, how I grew, and all other interesting stuff like that. 😉
    • Post 1 of my secret project that I won’t be telling you about until it’s up. 😉
  • Start teaching my VA Pinterest magic to drive traffic to WHQ.
  • Create 4 quick and easy silos on WHQ myself. I could assign this to my VA, but I can do it quicker and I need her to expand to working on other stuff.

Website Traffic

I published no new posts and my traffic looks puny compared to November.

OnlineMoneyz December vs November traffic

However, it’s interesting to see that my traffic nearly doubled from October without me doing anything in December.

I did get way more people coming to my website from Matthew Woodward’s income report roundup, but the traffic was higher in the middle of the month before his post went live also.

It seems that this month people were just more interested in what my site had to offer I guess!


Amazon Affiliate Websites Traffic

This section is for those interested in my Amazon affiliate sites.

Most of my income is from Amazon, so I thought you might be interested in seeing how much traffic I get on my biggest sites and how much money they make.

BAB is my highest traffic site by far (I have acronyms for all of my sites because I don’t want to reveal the URL, but I need some way to keep track of them.)

I made $709.07 from the site this month, compared to $513.17 in November.

That’s enough to pay for a month’s rent for me for next year!

December BAB Traffic

Income Report

Here are the numbers that everyone loves to see!

  • Amazon Affiliate- $1423.03 Great month! I’m getting used to making 1k+ per month, but it’s crazy if you think about it. I’m 19 years old and I’m making more money in a month than most of my friends make in a year and I don’t even have to work at Jimmy Johns! Amazing.
  • Content Samurai– $634.56 No work done, $600 earned. Nice!
  • Total- $2057.59 I’m starting a $2,000+ streak! This is my second month in a row where I earned $2k+ and I’m sure that next month will bring even more money my way. 🙂


  • SerpLab- $5 Keyword tracking.
  • SEO- $25 $25 for a couple links that let one my sites make $150 per month. Not bad.
  • Domains- $50.53 I needed to renew many of my domains so what are you gonna do…
  • Other- $1449.41 $500 giftcards for my scholarship on BAB and $900 worth of bitcoins to invest in Banana Fund + fees. Don’t know what BananaFund is? Read this post!
  • VA- $840 $3 per hour full-time plus holiday bonus and 13th month payment.
  • Total- $2369.94 Expenses look huge, but in reality I had money saved up from previous month so it’s not that bad. Investing money now to make more in the future. (Hopefully)

Total Profit: -$312.35

I’m net negative this month, but I think my investments are worth the price.