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DecemberI’ve been fairly productive in December, but it doesn’t show on my blog.

I need to post at least 2 posts a month that aren’t my Amazon Affiliate journey posts or income reports.

The good news is that I’m working on huge post right now that you’ll love.

The bad news is that there’s still 20-30 hours of work left until I can publish it.

Anyway, this month I worked on:

  • My $50 to $600 per month Amazon Affiliate project.
  • Adding content to my Content Samurai review site.
  • Creating an IM products review site(Think reviews of products from JVZoo and Clickbank. When I say reviews I actually mean real reviews and not BS created using the information provided to all affiliates.)
  • Improving the audio and video quality to fit uDemy’s standards so I can start working on my course.
  • Collecting the data for the huge post I’m working on.
  • I also took on a website setup project for a local business. I’ll put the income for this in the next month because that’s when they’ll pay me, but it’s still related to my online skill-set so I think it’s relevant here.

Plans For January

January is my last month for my Amazon Affiliate Project and sadly I don’t think I’ll reach my goal of $600 per month.

It might happen if one of my sites suddenly starts ranking, but I need an increase of almost $200 per month which probably isn’t going to happen.

I’m going to build a couple links to my Content Samurai site, create more content for JV Reviews, and write at least 2 posts for this blog (one of which is going to be big!)

I also have finals coming up in school, winter track, and other stuff, but I should still have more time than what I did during the first half of the year.

Let’s get some useful content up on this site!

Website Traffic

Here are the traffic stats for the second month:


And here are the same stats compared to the last month:


My bounce rate definitely improved which makes sense as I’m now redirecting the visitors visiting using the old links to my old site.

It’s also good to see the session duration go up, but I gotta work on publishing useful content and ranking higher on Google.

It’s good to see that almost a quarter of my visitors are returning visitors, Thank you guys!, but I’m not happy with getting less than 1,000 users per month. 

Income Report

  • Amazon Affiliate- $412.46 My highest month by far, but still not $600. There were no big-ticket items purchased which surprised me. 
  • UserTesting- $45 This month I took a couple of tests. Not much, but it adds up.
  • G2A– $1.56 No work, passive income. Very low this time though.
  • AdSense- $3.91 Eh.
  • Bitcoins- $14.12 This is from PokerAm and A-Ads.
  • Referral- $5 FreeEats magic. 
  • Content Samurai– $67.88 My site’s rankings tanked, but I was still able to get 3 more sales. 
  • Total- $549.93 My highest month yet which makes sense. December is great for affiliates and salesmen.