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August-Income-ReportThis is my 18th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in August/Part of September

As you can see I’m posting this income report in the middle of September which is 2 weeks later than usual, and that’s because August was an incredibly busy month for me.

I moved all the way accross the country with my parents, and then moved back nearly to the same place two weeks later for college.

I had a surprising amount of time to work on my online businesses during that time as I had nothing else to do in between unpacking and moving out.

Online I:

  • Hired my first full-time VA! I hired her through after getting about 20 applications. She’s been great so far and MUCH better than the Indian VA that I’ve used previously. Hoping to keep her for a long time.
  • Revived my BNT affiliate site by buying 5 PBN links to it for $100 for 4 months, which catapulted it to the top of Google and now it’s making me $100-$200 per month when before it made me anywhere between $0-$100 per month.
  • Found a ton of keywords to use for my WHQ site. My VA is writing content for this site currently using my templates. I do have to edit the articles and add some photos and links to them, but I haven’t had time because of real life obligations. (I should probably just show my VA how to do this as it will simplify the process for me greatly. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this yet!)
  • Wrote a couple posts for my new, high-end products site, but I don’t have a logo and only have 1 post up and 3 somewhat done posts. I spent 5+ hours on each post for this site, and right now I can’t write articles for it because of real life commitments.
  • Bought $60 worth of keywords from two different sellers. Both of the keywords were great and definitely worth the time of buying them instead of finding them myself. However, I splurged on $200 worth of keywords in the beginning of September and while it was expensive, I don’t have time to do keyword research right now.

Offline I:

  • Moved to Lousiana with my parents.
  • Moved back to Michigan for college and started my college career! There’s a surprising amount of homework and there’s SO MANY things to do. Choosing between different clubs, evening activities, and friends vs homework is tough. If it wasn’t for my VA, I wouldn’t have accomplished anything in September.


I’m currently focusing on Amazon Affiliate, and while I didn’t technically accomplish all of my goals in August, my VA helped me accomplish all of them and more in September so that counts, right?

  • Get 10 more product review posts on the site and one huge “best of” review post. FAILEDAlthough I technically failed this because I didn’t focus on the right site, I’d like to say that I somewhat succeed. There are at least 20 posts in my backlog on WHQ to check, add links to, and post, and the hardest part of writing them is done.
  • Figure out at least 3 ways of getting whitehat backlinks to the site. FAILEDThis one I didn’t do at all. Whoops?

Plans For September

I’m writing this in the middle of September which is a bit awkward.

I’m not going to cheat and write down goals that I’ve already accomplished though. That wouldn’t be fair. 😉

I’m currently focusing on Amazon affiliate, but I also need to focus on teaching my VA the tricks of the trade and making sure that she has enough work to do.


  • Teach my VA my whole image editing, uploading, and posting process. It’s more complicated than you would think it is!
  • Publish at least 15 of the posts that are in my backlog. (There will be more posts added as my VA completes 1-3 posts per day, but I can’t check all of them right now.)
  • Get a couple of Web 2.0s and other weak links pointing to WHQ in order to slowly start building momentum. I want to rank some of these new articles for the holiday season as that’s when the money is crazy, but I’m not sure if I can do it using only whitehat ways. (I don’t want to use blackhat ways because if my site gets slapped it will all have been for nothing. Maybe I could dedicate the whole month of October to link building by teaching my new VA the skyscraper technique and other methods and trying to get whitehat links.)

Website Traffic

Another average month. A typical spike at the end due to Matthew Woodward’s income report roundup, but nothing interesting otherwise. (What else would you expect with 0 new posts on my site in August? I’m currently working on 1 post, but I don’t have enough time to finish all of it.)

OnlineMoneyz August Income Report

Amazon Affiliate Websites Traffic

This section is for those interested in my Amazon affiliate sites.

Most of my income is from Amazon, so I thought you might be interested in seeing how much traffic I get on my biggest sites and how much money they make.

BAB is my highest traffic site by far (I have acronyms for all of my sites because I don’t want to reveal the URL, but I need some way to keep track of them.)

I made $1522.99 from the site in August compared to $697.99 in July.

That’s nearly 4* the income of my last August so I have high hopes for this site for the holiday season.

The average income for the site is slowly going up which is great if I ever want to sell the site.

My average income from this site for the past 8 months is $989 which means I could sell this site for anywhere between $20,000-$28,000. (Maybe more because my backlink profile is solid.)

As my monthly income grows I keep increasing the price that I’m willing to sell it for. Last month it was $30,000, but now I don’t want to sell it unless it’s for $50,000 or higher.

The traffic increased a ton, but that’s because August is a hot month for this niche. (Not as hot as March, which I have very high hopes for, but still hot!)


Income Report

Here are the numbers that everyone loves to see!

  • Amazon Affiliate- $1522.99 A great month. I’m giddy for March and April because if the trend of my income being 3-4 times higher than last year continues, I might hit $4,500+.
  • Content Samurai– $451.68 Another income decrease, but I ain’t too worried. I’ve already made more than $3,000 from this, and the site took me 5 hours and $12 to create so I’m currently at about $600 per hour of work. 
  • Total- 1974.67 30 bucks more and I would’ve broken 2k. I guess I just have to do it during the holiday frenzy.


  • Aweber- $19 Monthly subscription.
  • Buy My Future- $250 Bought Jason’s future. This is the last month so now I’ll have $250 per month to spend on other stuff. (Ex: my VA)
  • Long Tail Pro- $37 My last month of my LTP Premium subscription. I still have the regular version, but I don’t need the premium one. I’d rather buy a great keyword for $40 from a secret source. 😉
  • PBN links- $164 The $100 package works amazingly. The $64 link is crap.
  • Domains- $25.16 Domain spending.
  • Article promotion- $60 Paid an agency to promote one of my best articles online and get some links and traffic. I got some traffic, but it was promoted in a very spammy way which isn’t how I want my sites to be portrayed.
  •– $89 Bought a 3 month account from them. I didn’t realize that you couldn’t contact workers if you didn’t pay for an account, so I decided to buy a 3 month one in case I needed another VA later.
  • SerpLab- $5 Finally decided to support them as I’m tracking more keywords for BAB and I’ll need to track a lot of keywords for my gaming site.
  • Other- $81.2 Bought great looking pricing/comparison tables and a couple of keywords to test out their quality.
  • Total- $730.36 Last month I said I was trying to decrease my spending. You can’t see my September income report yet, but based on the first half of it I haven’t succeeded at all…

Total Profit: $1244.31

A pretty good month profit-wise, but my expenses went up also, and they will go up even more in September. If you don’t have time you gotta spend money to make money I guess.