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Another month passed by which means another income report!

This month I was incredibly busy and I didn’t have nearly enough time to spend on my money-making “businesses”, but I’ve been slowly improving my website and I have a load of ideas for new posts and videos.

Plans For May

There are always a couple of new online money-making ways I want to test out, and I would like to finally publish my case-study of my first Amazon Affiliate site.

May will also be a busy month, but I will keep working on my Amazon Affiliate sites (I have 3 now), and hopefully I’ll be able to make some money with PaidVerts also.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $118 (I was busy and there weren’t that many test I could do, but I was fortunate enough to get $45 worth of tests on April 29th which will go on May’s income report)
  • PerkTV- $20 (Same as always. It will probably stay at $20 for a while)
  • G2A- $2.53 (Not good, but not terrible. The number of referrals is slowly increasing and I even have a couple of level 2 referrals!)
  • AdSense- $6.96 (A pretty average month for this time of the year for me.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $6.18 (I’ve made this much from 6 items, but I had a total of 10 ordered as 4 haven’t shipped yet. All of my 3 sites are quite new and any income I make with them now is just a bonus as my goal is profits 6 months or a year from now.)
  • innoPoll- $3 (I took one test and got paid in BTC within a day. I haven’t heard from them since however)
  • Other- $18 (Referral money from FreeEats and MXWRK)
  • Total- $174.67 (There is a small increase from last month, but still nowhere near what I want it to be. I’m expecting a huge increase after this summer, but that’s too far to talk about that)