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Month-6 $50 to $600 Amazon AffiliateThis is month 5 of my challenge. Here are my other posts:

    Here are all my websites:

    • Best Track SpikesThis is the site found in this post. I’m showing everything I can with this site.
    • BABI created this site back in May and it’s been fairly successful up to this point. The products are fairly low value, but it’s my biggest site right now and it increases my Amazon percentages a lot.
    • MPC I also created this site back in May and it’s also been fairly successful. The products are even cheaper than on BAB, but I sell at least 30-40 per month.
    • BFSTThis is one of the 3 smaller sites that I created about a month ago. Fairly cheap/average products.
    • BFSCAnother smaller site that I created a month ago. Fairly cheap products.
    • BBCAnd yet another smaller site that I created a month ago. The products on this site are the most expensive so I’ll focus on getting this site higher in the SERPs soon.
    • BNTI haven’t started working on this site yet. I bought a domain, but I haven’t done anything else.
    • Tester ReviewsThis is a community review site that anyone can submit their reviews to with their Amazon link in the review. You can check it out here if you’re interested!
    • BRMA small website I started in the middle of November in a very low competition niche. Focuses on $30-$100 products.
    • BWTI started this site on November 24th. It will be fairly large and will focus on products in the $30-$250 range.
    • WHQ A new site I started in December. Very large niche. I’ll be outsourcing at least half of the content in order to grow the site quickly.




    Best Track Spikes








    Daily Updates

    Some of these posts are quite long so you can CLICK HERE to jump to the TL;DR section.

    January 2nd

    I realized that all of my sites had unoptimized logos and favicons.

    Most of my logos were around 100kb while I can get them down to 5-10kb with no noticeable loss in quality.

    That’s a 95kb difference!

    I’m not sure how much this affected my rankings, but I re-optimized those images on all of my sites.

    We’ll see how it changes things.

    January 3rd

    The writer that I found on Upwork is a goldmine.

    The article was well-written, had supporting evidence, and was overall great.

    I asked her if she’d be interested in doing 2 articles or so per week for my WHQ site, and if she agrees then I’m pretty much set.

    I’ll just have to do a couple hours of keyword research a month, edit each of the articles a bit (it took me about 5-10 minutes to edit the 1,000 word article. In comparison, it would probably take me 30 minutes-1 hour to write that same article), but this would mean around 8,000 guaranteed words of content would go up on WHQ every month.

    If I target long-tails, this would be absolutely amazing for increasing traffic!

    January 11th

    As you can see I took a break from updating, but my sites didn’t take any breaks from making me money! 😉

    My first writer is writing amazing content for me as of right now, and I hired another one so in the hopes of getting another high quality post a week for $5 or so. (I have a payment plan for my writers where they start at $5 per 1,000 and get to $10 per 1,000 words, but I think I might just move my first writer right up to the $10 per 1,000 mark because her content is absolutely amazing!)

    Even though WHQ is fairly new I’m already getting 300+ impressions and 30 or so clicks per month, and once my rankings improve this site will be another goldmine.

    I’m also targeting super-low search long tails in hopes of increasing my traffic.

    Since I don’t have to write the content, it makes it easier for me to create posts for 0-20 searches per month keywords because I just have to pay my writers to do it.

    January 13th

    I’m at $220 earned in the first 12 days of January, which means that I’m on track for getting to $600 this month, but I doubt that will happen.

    I think my large earnings at the beginning of the month are from people using their new Amazon gift-cards that they got for Christmas, and soon this crazy spending will stop.

    I ended up hiring 4 total writers in total, but I’ll probably drop 1 or 2 of them after I get their first article.

    One of the problems with outsourcing an article is silencing the perfectionist in me who wants to do everything himself, because that’s not the way to grow your income. Right?

    WHQ is at 40 clicks this month, but still no sales which is a bit strange.

    Once it gets to 100 clicks with no sales I’ll change my links to see if using Amazon’s shortened links is what’s causing the problem.

    January 15th

    One of the writers I got was a bust, but I only spent $5 so it’s not a problem.

    The article wasn’t terrible, but the quality is definitely lower than what I’d like on my “authority” site.

    My other two writers are great though, and while one of them just needs a couple of 5 star ratings, the other one doesn’t seem to care about that at all.

    I added “Get the product!” buttons to BAB to see if that helps the CTR.

    Before I only used images, but I want to compare the CTR for the images, the buttons, and the in-text links.

    I’m tracking all of the links separately on a high-traffic page and in a month or so I should have enough data to see what works best.

    ABT- Always Be Testing.

    January 24th

    At around $430 this month right now.

    I doubt I’ll get to $600, but it’ll be pretty close.

    WHQ is getting some sales, and it’s starting to rank for other lower comp keywords.

    One of my writers stopped responding to me though and I haven’t done much keyword research yet so I better get on that.

    January 31st

    I ended up not reaching my goal of $600 per month.

    I’m off by $17.

    I’m a bit disappointed, but I’m also happy with getting so close to the goal and I know that my sites will grow even more so I should get there in a couple months.

    I’ll post a big “analysis” post sometime in February so keep an eye out for that.


    Here’s what happened in January:
    Things Done:

    • Made $583 from the sites.
    • Bought my first PBN domains and set up a couple sites.
    • Started outsourcing articles for WHQ and BWT.

    Things Realized/Thought About:

    • Reinvesting and outsourcing is a must if I want to grow them.
    • I have to constantly test new things if I want to keep making money online.
    • So far the PBN links don’t seem that effective, but I’m still learning so we’ll see if they become more effective as I learn more things.
    • While Amazon is great I hate only having one income stream. I think I’d be satisfied with 6 different ones adding up to $3,000+ a month, but the more the better.

    Thank you for reading!

    Please comment below if you have any questions!