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This is month 3 of my challenge, so if you haven’t read the previous 2 posts you can check them out here:

I’m not sure how much time I could spend on my sites this month, so this should be interesting.

Here are the names with brief descriptions:

  • Best Track SpikesThis is the site found in this post. I’m showing everything I can with this site.
  • BABI created this site back in May and it’s been fairly successful up to this point. The products are fairly low value, but it’s my biggest site right now and it increases my Amazon percentages a lot.
  • MPC I also created this site back in May and it’s also been fairly successful. The products are even cheaper than on BAB, but I sell at least 30-40 per month.
  • BFSTThis is one of the 3 smaller sites that I created about a month ago. Fairly cheap/average products.
  • BFSCAnother smaller site that I created a month ago. Fairly cheap products.
  • BBCAnd yet another smaller site that I created a month ago. The products on this site are the most expensive so I’ll focus on getting this site higher in the SERPs soon.
  • BNTI haven’t started working on this site yet. I bought a domain, but I haven’t done anything else.
  • Tester Reviews– This is a community review site that anyone can submit their reviews to with their Amazon link in the review. You can check it out here if you’re interested!




Best Track Spikes







Daily Updates

October 1st-4th
I worked on and published last month’s post.

October 5th
I received an email from EmpireFlippers about the latest sites added to their mix and one site caught my eye.

It was created 9 months ago and its revenue was at around $1,000 per month, but the revenue isn’t what stood out to me.

I found the site through a quick Google search and the homepage of the site has a massive 5,000 word article on the topic.

It has 2 smaller supporting articles also, but the massive article pulls in the majority of the traffic.

Compared to that out of all of my sites that follow the same structure, BFST has the most words on the homepage at around 1600. BFSC is next with 900, and then BNT and BBC are last at around 700 and 600.

Considering that BNT is the site that has the most potential, I feel like I need to add more content to bump the word count to at least 2,000.

I just need to find time to actually do that, and the earlier the better because if I can get any of the above 4 sites to rank in the top 10 for Black Friday, that’ll be a lot of moolah.

October 6th-7th
I created a website that will be dedicated to posts about the Amazon Affiliate program.

Don’t worry. I’ll continue with the $50 to $600 posts on here, but once I’m done with that I won’t write about Amazon Affiliate on this site except for my income reports.

October 8th
I added 200 words to the main page of the BFST site.

I should really be focusing on school, but I don’t want to abandon this project.

From now on I’ll just write on days that I actually did something so you don’t have to read my “didn’t do anything today” posts.

October 12th
I deleted the “2015” keywords for Best Track Spikes in my rank tracker and added the new “2016” keywords so I can figure out where I’m ranking for next years track season.

I started writing a Halloween related post for MPC, but as I researched the products I realized that the ones on Amazon were complete trash, and I don’t want to promote crap to my visitors so I ended up scrapping the post.

I only made $2 per day for the past couple days, but my rankings and clicks per day are still the same so I’m not sure what’s going on.

So far it looks like this month I’ll be lucky to break $200, but we’ll see.


Here are the most important things that happened during the month of September!
Things Done:

  • Made $220 from the sites.
  • Added more words to BFSC’s homepage.
  • Found a couple of other good niches.
  • Applied to Stanford and the University of Michigan! (Personal win for me)

Things Realized/Thought About:

  • Some of the sites that I’m competing against are absolutely crazy!
  • Other sites that I’m competing against have pretty crappy content, but are good at link-building.
  • I need to improve my link building skills if I want to reach my goal of $600 per month.

Thanks for reading once again!

Are any of you thinking about creating your own Amazon Affiliate site? What’s stopping you? Comment below!