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I will not be showing the URLs and keywords of any of my projects except for the keywords of my very first Amazon Affiliate site because you can already find them in this post.

It was a difficult decision, but I decided that it’s best for my sites for now as this prevents anyone from doing negative SEO to my site and allows me to focus on improving my sites without having to deal with the neg SEO problems.

Because of this I decided to name my sites so it’s easier for you to follow along and focus on what I’m doing for each site.

Here are the names with brief descriptions:

  • Best Track SpikesThis is the site found in this post. I’m showing everything I can with this site.
  • BABI created this site back in May and it’s been fairly successful up to this point. The products are fairly low value, but it’s my biggest site right now and it increases my Amazon percentages a lot.
  • MPC I also created this site back in May and it’s also been fairly successful. The products are even cheaper than on BAB, but I sell at least 30-40 per month.
  • BFSTThis is one of the 3 smaller sites that I created about a month ago. Fairly cheap/average products.
  • BFSCAnother smaller site that I created a month ago. Fairly cheap products.
  • BBCAnd yet another smaller site that I created a month ago. The products on this site are the most expensive so I’ll focus on getting this site higher in the SERPs soon.
  • BNTI haven’t started working on this site yet. I bought a domain, but I haven’t done anything else.
  • Tester ReviewsThis will be a community review Amazon site that reviews products that you can get for free in exchange for a review on Amazon. I just started setting it up, but I already have 12+ people that are willing to write for the site so I want to get it up and running ASAP.
  • BSHI got an idea for this site on July 29th, but haven’t started it yet.




Best Track Spikes







Haven’t started BNT yet.

Tester Reviews

The WordPress site is partially set up.

Set up the site and added 4 articles. I had 10 people sign up, but none of them posted anything yet.


Got an idea on July 29th.

Decided against creating the site as I ddin’t have any money and competition was fairly high. It’s a good niche, but not for a 6 month challenge.

Daily Updates

Some of these updates are very long so once again CLICK HERE to go to the TL;DR part of this post for a summary.

July 25th

I checked my rankings and realized that the main page on BBC wasn’t ranking for the keywords and the terms of service page was ranking instead.

This means that that page is overoptimized so I spent some time decreasing the keyword density and de-indexing the author pages, tag pages, and category pages as they can cause duplicate content issues on WordPress sites.

Since I was already doing that I went through and de-indexed those pages on BAB, BFST and BFSC just in case.

The homepage on BFST also had some problems ranking so I decreased the keyword density to see if that was the problem.

It usually takes Google around 2-4 days to look over my pages and rank/de-rank them if they change so I’m hoping that those penalized pages will show up in the SERPs.

July 26th

I created a blog and added one article to BFSC. The article is around 600 words long and links to the homepage at the beginning of it and a couple of authority sites in the niche in the middle.

I’ve found that creating a couple articles that link to the homepage/money-page is a good way to increase the rankings of that page by a couple spots.

Plus I’m a firm believer in the fact that a niche website with more content (that’s relevant to the niche) will rank higher than the same niche website with less content.

I also added breadcrumbs to BAB and BFSC and changed up some of the header colors on BAB.

July 27th

I checked the rankings in the morning and it looks like the homepage of BBC hasn’t updated yet or it’s still considered over-optimized by Google.

I’ll wait for a week and see if it actually starts ranking and if it doesn’t I’ll do adjust the homepage even more.

I was going to add a couple more articles to BBC, but all of my sites were down because BlueHost was having server issues so I decided to create a couple of Web 2.0s. (BlueHost fixed the problem in less than 15 minutes which once again shows why they’re my favorite host to use.)

I started a GSA blast to one of my Web 2.0s that I created a couple weeks ago pointing to BAB, and I checked the links that my other Web 2.0s received.

Apparently GSA was setup improperly so I only sent around 10 links to each of the sites while GSA said that they received 1000+.

I tweaked some of the settings in a way that I hope will increase the number of links that stick. I know I need new emails for GSA as I’ve been using the same ones for quite a while, but right now I have only $5 on my PayPal account so I can’t buy any new emails yet. (I do have 10 private proxies though which makes GSA go much faster.)

I ordered two logos from my favorite designed on Fiverr for the BNT and the Tester Reviews site.

I’m hoping that both sites will be live within a couple weeks.

July 28th

Yesterday before falling asleep I was thinking about the fact that my sites take around 3 months to start bringing in any income and I realized something.

If my goal is to get to $600 within 6 months then I should only build new sites up until the 3 month mark as otherwise they will not bring in any money until after the 6 months are up.

However, I also want most of my sites to get the November/December shopping bonus for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping so that means that I should have all of my sites done and published by the end of August.

I was at the pool for most of the day today, but as soon as I got home I wanted to work on my sites.

My Fiverr guy delivered both of the logos. One of them is perfect and another one I had to edit myself a bit, but otherwise they work well.

I went through all of my sites and quickly looked at their backlinks to make sure there was no neg SEO done on them. (I do this once a month or so.)

I worked on setting up my Tester Reviews site. It’s going to be my biggest site and it will have community written content so I really need to figure out all the navigation and content details before I can launch it.

I also set up the basic theme and plugins for BNT.

I worked on the sites for about 2 hours deciding how I want to set up everything and I’m fairly happy with what I have. I think the site will go live in a week if everything works the way I want it to.

I decided that tomorrow will be dedicated to niche research.

I already have a couple site ideas, but I want to see if I can find at least 3 good keywords/niches so I can have a total of 10 smaller Amazon Affiliate site and 1 big site. (Tester Reviews)

Ideally I’ll find a couple of golden keywords tomorrow and finish the sites within the next month.

July 29th

The home-page of BBC still wasn’t ranking today so I decided to check my Webmaster Tools.

Apparently only 3 of the pages/posts are indexed so that’s the reason why it wasn’t ranking and not because it was over-optimized.

I did some research and found a great niche with products in the $80-$200 range. The total searches per month for the main keyword+ 4 other “best of” keywords is around 10K per month, and that’s not counting the non-money articles that I will put on the site.

The site name will be BSH. I think that this is a real winner here so I stopped all keyword research at this point and gave myself some time to rest.

I also worked on Tester Reviews for a couple hours.

July 30th

I worked on Tester Reviews for about 5 hours.

I added one video+text review, added content to some of the pages on the site, added a couple plugins and registered with a different email as a new user just to see how it looks.

I still need to create a couple of video tutorials and change up the design of the site because as of right now I’m not a huge fan of it.

I had a crazy productive day today as I also fully setup BNT, wrote all the content for the homepage, submitted it to Google Webmasters and Analytics, and wrote one big review.

If I only focus on working on these sites every day I can probably churn out one full site every 2 days.

However at this point I don’t have enough money for new domains or new hosting that I’d need to get so I’ll just focus on the domains and sites I already have and simply build them out.

July 31st

I did some more keyword research for BNT and realized that there are at least 4 more keywords with around 100 searches per month each for really high priced items ($2,000+) and they look like very easy keywords to rank for so even if I sell 1 of these items per month that’s around $100 in commission!

I added one big review article and changed up the homepage a bit.

I know that this site won’t rank for at least 2-3 months, but once it does rank I expect it to be a real money-maker.

I also realized that I didn’t have a custom Favicon for BNT so I quickly made one.

August 1st

It was a great idea for me to start this journey as writing everything I’m doing keeps me motivated.

I’m exhausted and don’t feel like working, but the thought of not writing anything for today’s post pushed me to work on my sites for a couple hours.

I contacted Amazon support and asked them whether I have to use the “Buy from Amazon” buttons provided by them as I find them to be quite ugly and whether I’m allowed to add any sort of pricing info into my product reviews.

They said that you can use Amazon trademarks and logos when creating your own buttons, but only if it complies with their API License Agreement and the Trademark Guidelines.

Also apparently you’re not allowed to make any mentions of the price in your reviews. (Products under $xx, price varies between $x-$xx, or anything of that = BAD)

I had to go through all of the pages on all of my sites and remove the pricing info on some of the pages.

I’m also considering adding the “Buy on Amazon” buttons to BAB to increase my clickthrough rate, but I’m not getting enough visitors per month to be able to test the conversion rate quickly enough.

August 2nd

Checked out my rankings and I’m glad to see that other pages are ranking for

August 5th

I added 2 reviews to Tester Reviews and also added the site to my Google Analytics and Webmasters account.

August 6th/7th

I created 4 tutorial videos for Tester Reviews and finally launched the site.

6 people registered so far, but only one person wrote a review so far, but hasn’t posted it.

If you guys are interested in the site, you can check it out here!

August 8th

My sites are slowly ranking and so far in 8 days of August I got $40 which is pretty cool. I’m on pace for a $100 month!

August 9th

I’ve been incredibly unproductive and I don’t like it. The easiest part for me is finding new niches and setting up the site until it reaches around 10 pages, but after that I don’t love writing content.

I can’t outsource it for now so I’ll just try to keep working and add on some more articles to the sites tomorrow.

August 10th

I wrote a blog post for BBC.

This isn’t necessarily Affiliate related, but I wrote a quick review for everything I’ve ordered on Amazon for the past year to get my ranking up in hopes of getting some cool items to review for free.

August 11th

I slacked.

August 12th

Someone purchased a $700 camera and a bunch of accessories for it so I made around $50 in commission in a day. Wish people bought something like this every day!

The funny thing is that none of my sites are at all related to cameras so this is just a lucky unrelated purchase.

This shows me the potential of my BNT site because the pricing is fairly similar ($1K+) so I’ll get around $40-$60 per sale.

Even two sales per month will bring me $120 and the keywords have around 1000-3000 searches in total and my site is already ranking in the top 30 2 weeks after I created it so getting into the top 10 should be easy.

August 13th/14th

My sites have been doing really well (I hit $100 during the first half of August) but I’ve been slacking.

I know that if I put in the work now and write a couple posts targeting New Years/Black Friday shopping my sites will do quite well, but I just can’t find the motivation to do it.

I also want to create a couple of Web 2.0s as my rankings are fairly good, but if I can get a couple more keywords into the top 3 it’ll increase my CTR by a lot.

August 15th

I worked on my other sites so I didn’t accomplish anything AA related.

August 16th-26th

Unplanned out of town trip. I’m unable to work as I don’t have my laptop (I’m writing this from my phone), but I’m planning out a couple of things in my head and on paper so I know what to do when I get back.

Oh yeah, I hit $150 for the month on the 18th!

August 19th

I was able to get access to a computer for around 2 hours today and I spent the whole time changing the Amazon links on BAB to links with a new tracking ID specific to the site.

As you might know BAB is the third Amazon Affiliate site I created and I used the same tracking ID for all of them (which is idiotic) as you can’t tell where the money is coming from and if you decide to sell the site down the road you can’t show how much money it’s making per month.

I’m thinking about selling the site after next May, but even if I don’t it’s always nice to know how much money is coming from each site.

August 27th

My sites have been steadily earning without me doing anything, but I still need to put in a lot of work if I want to get to the $600 per month goal.

I went through and thought of at least 2 post ideas for all of my sites.

The more content I have the easier it is to rank for random long-tails and the easier it is for Google to figure out what my site is about.

I also decided that I will try to turn BAB into an “authority site” which basically means that I should get to at least 100 articles total and become the go-to site with the most updated content in the niche.

I’m also considering creating another site like Best Track Spikes but in a more general niche.

I enjoy writing about running and exercise in general, and if 2 of my websites rank for “best sprinter spikes” and other keywords then my chances of getting an Amazon sale increase greatly.

August 28th

I spent an hour watching 2 copywriting videos by Chris Haddad and taking notes.

Here they are:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Also BBC had its first sale!


This site was created a couple weeks after BFST and BFSC but the keywords are easier so this should be a fairly high earner in 1-2 months.

I added 1 post to MPC and 1 post to BFSC.

I realized that one of the reasons for why I didn’t work on this project was because I didn’t have defined goals for the month.

After I thought about the 2 post ideas for each site I’ve been working more because I actually know what I need to do.

Next month I will start off by writing out a couple of big goals for the month so I know what I should be working towards.

August 29th

I posted a couple comments on related blogs for BFST and BFSC.

They still have to be approved, but I actually read the articles and my comments were relevant so I don’t see any reason for them to be rejected.

The goal of these is to at least get some sort of links pointing to my site so Google indexes my site a bit faster.

One problem that I have right now is that the impressions and clicks for BAB fell while the rankings stayed the same. It’s in a school-related niche so maybe people are taking a break from it until school actually starts, but if my numbers are still low in 2 weeks I’ll have to do something.


I’m pissed.

A couple days ago I removed all my blog related images from my Google+ profile because I don’t want people seeing them if they randomly visit it.

What I didn’t know is that by deleting your images there you delete the images EVERYWHERE.

90% of images on my blogger blogs are gone and instead there is a gray “stop sign” in their place.


It’s going to take me at least 20 hours of work to reupload and insert all of the images in their right spot, which is not something that I expected that I’d have to do.

August 30th

Added an article to Best Track Spikes which is something I haven’t done in a while.

If I can get into the top 10 for a majority of the track-related keywords then the next March/April are going to be quite lucrative for me.

I also enjoy writing about running so I could probably turn this into a small authority site if I wanted to.

My only issue with it is the fact that it’s on Blogger so managing many posts is a bit of a pain, but I think I could get it up to 40-50 posts without any problems.

August 31st

Finished this post and started my post for the second month.

Finishing this post was surprisingly a lot of work…


Here are the most important things that happened during the month of August!

Things Done:

  • Went from $65 to $280 per month.
  • Created one new site with expensive products on it. (The cheapest one costs $500 and the most expensive is $20,000)
  • De-indexed the author and tag pages on all my sites and decreased the keyword density in my articles to avoid over-optimization.
  • Contacted Amazon and learned that you can’t mention price in your reviews at all unless you pull it directly using their API.
  • Apparently if you delete your albums on Google+, the images get deleted from your blog. I had to spend 4 hours re-uploading the images to my 3 Blogger blogs after “cleaning up” my G+ profile.
  • Added a separate tracking ID to all links on BAB so I have the income information if I want to sell the site later on.

Things Realized/Thought About:

  • I realized that I need to set goals and spend an hour or so at the beginning of the month writing out post ideas. When you know what your options are when you sit down to work on your site, actually working on it is much easier.
  • I got an idea for a new site (BSH) and scrapped it because it’s too competitive to start earning a lot within 6 months.
  • I thought about creating a site in a similar niche to Best Track Spikes as I have a lot of interest in fitness niches and having 2 sites in Google for spikes related keywords would be double the money for me.
  • I decided that I want to make BAB a mini-authority site because it still has a lot of potential and it’s in a niche where I can monetize it using other affiliate programs.
  • Thank you for reading! If you have any questions I’d be glad to answer them in the comments below!